Helping people design their utterly fantastic lives is my area of expertise. I want you to head into your future with confidence – truly knowing that the possibilities are endless for you.

Through my work with women, I have witnessed relationships heal, families restored, self-worth owned and celebrated, career and business success and most importantly, women giving themselves permission to create the life they desire! How do they do this?  By letting go of who they thought they were – because underneath all the fears, negative self-talk, diets, broken hearts, childhood hurts and limiting beliefs – lies the woman they were always destined to be.

I believe that tough, honest, uncomfortable questions reveal the real truth of the matter and the trajectory for your future! I no longer believe that my life is based on anyone else’s agenda…only my own! I want to live in a world where women experience endless JOY – where creative freedom, widespread health and overall goodness in people, prevail always.

ready to wake up

My clients are intelligent women who feel like something is missing; either the courage to say/do what they want or they really aren’t sure what that even is. They’re generally stuck and not living up to their full potential. After just a few sessions, these amazing women have confidently left stifling jobs, started their own businesses and started making themselves a priority.

I’m here, ready to race with you, pace you and coach you along the way! If you lack the confidence to make a necessary change, I’m the coach for you!

If you’re in a job that doesn’t motivate or inspire you and you want out, you’ve come to the right place!
If you’re overwhelmed and unsure if you’ll ever feel passionate again, contact me today!
If you want more confidence, love, joy, play, money, success and fun in your life, take the first step today!
If you want to finally feel free, alive and confident in your body, learn my unconventional method now!

heidinicole lifecoach

I LOVE cheese, especially if wine is involved! I am a mama to two beautiful kiddos – Charley and Hayden! I live on a grain farm and even know how to drive a tractor. I am ultra organized with 4 calendars on the go at any given time.

I have a passionate relationship with color, photos and water. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. I am a master tap dancer, beginner yogi and country music lover. I have lived in six different cities and towns, all within the confines of Alberta Canada. I have travelled to more cities and countries than I can count anymore including Bali, St. Lucia and Costa Rica – there may be a tropical theme there!


Heidi Nicole is a Certified Life Coach, supporting gutsy women through times of transition and periods of being royally stuck in dissatisfaction.

She helps women design a life they truly love living and leap into the scary world of change, with confidence! Heidi began coaching after going through her own coaching journey herself.

Now, self-love is her game. Meditation is her jam. Courage is her practice. All while living a nourishing satisfied life! She also works as a Social Worker at a local community hospital emergency department. It is her endless toolbox of resources and her loving kick-in-the-rear encouragement that keep people coming back for more!

She believes in a world where anything is possible and that includes anything you want too. It’s a world without restrictions or excess and the amazing journey of finding all of our own sense of balance. When she’s not meeting with people and building her tribe, both on and offline (and the babies are in bed), you might often find her on the couch with a glass of wine, reality TV remote in hand and chocolate colored puppy at her feet.