Do you need a full overhaul of your life and now?

This ultimate experience is for you. I am in with you 100% – like literally. When you commit fully to this opportunity, I will be beside you the whole way. Basically, I move in with you for 4 full days. I do everything you do. We talk about everything. We analyze everything.

We overall everything. Then, together, we come up with a game plan of how to slowly start making some real radical changes. What will we talk about? Everything from organizational management to boundaries with family/friends, to communication with your spouse/kids. Everything from how to make more money, to creating a plan to launch that big dream of yours, to building a healthy balanced lifestyle plan.

Day 1 – The BIG Interview, lots of chatting, confessions and (don’t forget) wine!
Day 2+3 – Observation.
Day 4 – My initial analysis. Then I go home and create a game plan for you – whatever that looks like FOR YOU! We then come up with a strategy on implementation and accountability.

Over the next 6 months, we will have weekly life coaching sessions to implement the plan, deal with curveballs and celebrate the wins! Are you in?

Do you want a co-dreamer, schemer, cheerleader and motivator?

This program is for you if you want to be ALL-IN. I’ve created it to be all encompassing – that’s the key in my approach here. We’ll take a look at your entire life and assess where you’re at right now. Then together, we will dream, scheme and plot your fantastic future through a comprehensive vision mapping process. During our sessions I will provide you with tools to prioritize, stay motivated and overcome obstacles. The Full Life Design is a real call to action that requires your full commitment to have that radical life transformation that I know you desire. You will also get full access to email support where we can brainstorm and trouble shoot anything that changes in between sessions.

  • Let’s chat! Schedule a time with me to see if we’re good match!
  • You choose which option you want and commit to give it your all!
  • We’ll schedule your sessions – don’t worry I’m flexible!
  • I will send you everything you need to know by email!
  • You will spend a week or so completing the Initial Questionnaire! Those darn uncomfortable questions!
  • We “meet” (virtually) and have inspiring, intellectual, mind-blowing conversation for 60 minutes either weekly or biweekly.
  • We set up an action plan on YOUR terms and you have access to all of my fundamental resources: worksheets, accountability, homework, habits, tactics.
  • I will include ALL components of Weight-Less, Revolutionize Your Resolutions and So You Want a Freedom Business.
  • You have full access to me by email for questions, concerns and celebrations in between sessions!


When Heidi means she will look at your entire life, she means it. When I started working with Heidi, every part of my life needed a little tweak. Week after week, we tackled different issues and create goals for each part of the puzzle. Week after week, I would come back to her having done my homework and seeing huge effects ripple through the different aspects of my life. Working with Heidi has altered my life in a way I never thought possible. I went from being generally unhappy to fully satisfied. I know what I want and where I’m going and that’s the part that makes me so incredibly happy.


After an entire lifetime of being self-conscious of my body, I finally feel confident enough to date again. I thought I had 60 lbs to lose before I could even sign up for online dating. I lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks and I didn’t count a calorie, join a gym or hide in baggy clothes. Heidi teaches a philosophy where living more and being happy ultimately means losing weight. The concept that has had the biggest impact is to stop waiting and start doing. I have so many plans now. They’re not just dreams anymore. I owe this outlook transformation to Heidi – Weight Less is revolutionary!

Do you have one specific issue you want to tackle and resolve?

This session is for those of you who want to work with a life coach because you need some mad clarity on a decision, a launch or your vision. You might be feeling stuck so you want to bounce ideas off me for moving forward in the best way possible. You need a quick shot of confidence. I will help you address your fears, limiting beliefs and find out what’s holding you back. We’ll slam the door on that inner critic and talk about forgiveness if needed. Together, we will map out your vision for the future, figure out what needs to change NOW so you can realign with your core values. This session is to-the-point in order to get things moving ASAP. And it’s all on YOUR terms. You’ll come away from this package with greater perspective on your situation, with confidence and clarity on moving forward and armed with effective practices to implement in your life NOW.

  • Email me to schedule your 90-minute session.
  • I will send you a quick questionnaire to get the ball rolling!
  • We “meet” (virtually) and have inspiring, intellectual, mind-blowing conversation for 90 minutes!
  • You will leave with a full action plan, clear path and homework to get going NOW!


I had worked with Heidi a couple of years ago and the toolkit we created together is something I can never live without. Recently, I went through some personal changes and didn’t know how to apply the tools I already had. A quick shot of clarity with Heidi is exactly what I needed. In a short hour and a half, she showed me how my tools could help me immediately and gave me extra practices to use going forward. Heidi’s intuition and gusto put everything into motion for me.