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Are you craving?

  • a blank slate…
  • less stuff…
  • more time…
  • stronger connections…
  • timeliness…
  • space…

I organize my life and business because I believe that when we clear out the things that don’t matter, we make room for the things that do.

Because our hearts and minds can only take so much chaos. And life has enough chaos of its own.

Because we all need a daily refuge from the clutter and noise all around us.

Because more space in my house and heart means more connection with my loved ones.

Option 1 – Join the Facebook group and follow along with the challenges. $20

Option 2 – Customize your experience! You’re all in! $200

How does it work?

If you choose option 1 – For 12 weeks, I will meet you on Facebook in a private VIP group with a lesson and a challenge. Some weeks will have 2 challenges and some weeks will have 3 challenges. You can also receive these lessons and challenges by email if you don’t have access to Facebook on a regular basis.

If you choose option 2 – For 12 weeks, I will be your 100% support by phone, text and email. Your custom lessons and challenges will be strategically designed for your life and what you need most! And I want you to share your journey in the Facebook group as well! To start, I’ll send you a questionnaire helping us isolate what key things need to be worked on for YOU. We will then chat prior to the challenge starting and identify your specific needs in organization. I will customize the experience to your home, your family and your life! We will connect again mid-way through the challenge and see how things are going. At the end, we will have a one-hour coaching session to anchor what you learned, solidify those new habits and ensure you have a lasting plan moving forward.

You’ll get…

  • OODLES of ideas on how to organize your home, space, life, business and family
  • CREATIVE solutions for unique circumstances and small spaces
  • BEAUTIFUL printables that you can start using immediately
  • a COMMUNITY of other women, mamas and boss babes to support you
  • CUSTOM coaching for just you and your needs
  • my KICK-IN-THE-REAR inspiration and motivation

This is not just about cleaning out your cupboards and closets, although you might have to do some of that. It’s about soooooooooo much more. I want you to create space and freedom in your mind and in your life so that you can open up to the possibilities that are waiting on the other side of chaos.


  • a fresh journal
  • a calendar/planner – digital or paper (maybe both?!)
  • full size paper for printing the printables
  • coloured markers/pens/pencils to make things fun!
  • garbage bags
  • external hard drive or cloud membership


  • storage baskets/bins
  • clear pantry containers
  • labels/label maker
  • sharpies

But I’ll explain everything in detail once we get going!!

We begin October 1st. Are you in?


Want to know when I’ll run this challenge (or more like it) again? Send me an email: and I’ll be sure to keep you in the KNOW!