Working with Heidi has improved all aspects of my life, even those areas we were not specifically focused on. She has helped me learn to take action, identify and question my limiting beliefs, and live a deliberate, conscious and purposeful life. Just six months ago I couldn’t imagine a month in the future without feeling anxious and sad. Now I have goals and a calendar filled with plans that excite and energize me.  I am eternally grateful for her guidance and support. I cannot recommend Heidi enough.


Before I called Heidi, I wanted to finally answer the roaring voice inside of me that begged me to follow my dreams, but I was too afraid to do it alone. After a few coaching sessions things became clearer and each baby step led me closer and closer to the path I had envisioned. I am so blown away with where I am compared to where I started. I accomplished every goal we set together and then some! Last year was THE best year of my life and it wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful without Heidi. She is the perfect mix of: down to earth, big-hearted, wise, no nonsense and dreamer. She encouraged me to say aloud the deepest desires of my heart…and then she helped me chase them.

I made huge strides professionally with Heidi. I took a job transfer/new position from the Edmonton, Alberta office to corporate head office in Perth, Australia. Prior to working with her, I lacked confidence and the perseverance to move forward in my career. Through our work together I have grown into the new role at a much higher level than before, with a lot more influence and control throughout the entire organization. I confidently moved across the world, all with Heidi’s help!



I am so grateful to have had been coached by Heidi. Her intuition, honesty, and unwavering belief in me have been a blessing. She challenged me to see my life from a different, more positive and self-assured perspective as well as become comfortable in making major life decisions. Since working with Heidi, my life is more balanced and I’ve become stronger and more focused on setting my sights higher and further than what I thought I could ever achieve.

Strap on those seatbelts, ladies! If you’re ready, Heidi is an intense catalyst for change. Within weeks, I guarantee you will see and feel amazing results. ANNE PETRONE San Francisco CA


A while back, I wanted to find out why I was feeling in a slump. I followed a lead to contact Heidi. I saw her friendly face on her webpage and read her bio. It pulled me to her and I made the commitment to receive coaching once a week and I have not looked back since. When speaking to her the first while, it felt like I was in a dark room. As the rapport was built and she provided me “tools for life” that included “homework”, the room in which I tele-coached with her became lighter and brighter! It has been an amazing journey that I wish to continue! Heidi has helped me turn a traumatic or difficult situation into something blissful and affirmative! With her guidance and never-ending toolbox, I have learned to like the new and improved “ME”! Thank you Heidi!”

Before I met Heidi I had a strong desire to maintain a routine in life, pay off our debt, and create a balanced personal life. Heidi helped me create and live the life that I had always wanted. The weekly challenges, the positive reinforcement, the honest opinions all helped me achieve my goals. I have accomplished so much in a very little time, I am happy and focused. Heidi got me on track and I really appreciate everything Heidi has done so far – I can’t wait to experience more positive results with Heidi.


Heidi is an amazing coach. She has an endless toolbox and resources for you to challenge yourself. I began coaching with her because I was stuck in a rut with some pretty bad habits. Heidi helped me identify those habits and create new positive ones. I have a new way of thinking about things and seeing the world. For that, I will be forever grateful. ANNA POWERS Calgary AB


One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with an excellent coach. Heidi has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support, not to mention humour and fun!. With her gentle but firm and sometimes down right blunt guidance, I have so much more clarity in my life purpose. The strategies I’ve learned will help to translate my vision of life into reality. She asked me the tough questions and helped me delve into places I thought I’d never shed light on. I’m so aware and focused now. She has helped me navigate the rough terrains, held me up when I am down and cheer me on when I am on a roll. She continues to keep me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself — without reservation I would recommend her!

I am excited and privileged to acknowledge Heidi for the support, encouragement, belief and direction that she has provided to me in our coaching sessions. Our most recent session, in particular, identifies her amazing skills. She brought me from being quite frustrated to concluding in excitement. Our calls are always fantastic! She helps me find some good next steps to where I want to be through this tough transition in my life. Heidi has transformed me and I can’t wait to see what is next.


I worked through feelings of loss, grief and pain with Heidi. She normalized my feelings and helped me see the light beyond my circumstance. I now have direction and control of where I am going in the future! I feel very centered, calmer, and more in control of my life. Heidi brings a positive twist to things that could be devastating. She gives you something to hold onto through the tough times and then launches you into an amazing future! I would highly recommend her services to anyone going through a difficult time. VAL MCLEAN Morinville AB

When I started with Heidi I was riddled with self-doubt, lack of confidence and just very low self-worth. The biggest area I have grown is having the confidence to pursue a job opportunity that I doubted strongly before our sessions. I am also taking a different approach to parenting and other relationships – all with a renewed sense of confidence I didn’t have before! LISA C. Edmonton AB

When I started coaching, everything was the same old, same old. Now, even though I still do the same old stuff, it’s different. I am not just going through the motions. I am truly living my life. And in just 10 weeks of working with Heidi, I can see the place where I want to be. I’m not far from it at all and it’s really exciting to me! MEGAN RANKIN Stony Plain AB

Heidi is an excellent Coach; the combination of her education makes her a skilled listener and critical thinker. Working with Heidi comes with encouragement, support and a good dose of reality. I would recommend her services with confidence that you will get the results you are looking for. KIM W. Edmonton AB

I am so fortunate to have been coached by Heidi. Her intuition is amazing, often pointing me in a direction that I hadn’t yet though of myself. Her guidance has given me so much clarity through some really challenging situations. Her calmness and non-judgment is always appreciated. I have made an amazing transformation and couldn’t have done it without her support. KIM GREEN Medicine Hat AB

I am now awake! Sessions with Heidi leave me speechless at how well she knows me, even just conversing over the phone. I have so many ah-ha moments during our conversations. I leave our sessions thinking… ‘wow, I never thought of it that way’. I now know my own strength, power and courage. My life has meaning again. All with the help of Heidi. KATIE MANSELL Sherwood Park AB

My experience in working with Heidi Nicole has been truly amazing and utterly rewarding. She is a great listener and skilled guide. Our sessions are so focused and I have made so many meaningful changes. In choosing a life coach, you can not go wrong with Heidi Nicole. GABBY MARCHANT Victoria BC